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Bernie's Rant | Week in Boxing, Nov 20

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Miller vs Dinu
Heavyweight contender Jarrell Miller continues to give trinket holder Deontay Wilder a reason to sweat about landing a title shot against "Kimgpin Champion" Anthony Joshua for a real shot at Heavyweight Supremacy.

Miller 22-0-1 (20) displayed resilience and assertiveness to take out previously-undefeated opponent Bogdan Dinu 18-1 (14) via a TKO in the 4th Round of their contest over the weekend.

Dinu, who works in Special Forces and Law Enforcement on his fulltime day job in Romania, has got skills. He stands 6'6" and was able to use good foot movement, a lethal jab and great boxing ability to win the first two rounds.

Miller, on the other hand, continues to show an unflinching ability to withstand any offensive assault. His relentless stalking and body punching ability took the wind out of his adversary's sails. The KO was initiated with a right to the body, an uppercut and left hook to the chin that put the giant to the canvas.

Anthony Joshua has no incentive to grant a title shot to Wilder. The "Bronze Bomber" continues to fight easy matches without truly being truly worthy of that big pay day. He cannot fill seats here in the States and he refuses to fight high rated fighters such as Dillian Whyte, Dominic Breazeale and Dereck Chisora.

Joshua makes good money regardless who of he fights. There is absolutely no reason to give credibility to this Friscoe when he refuses to get up at bat.

More technical issues 
DZAN's broadcasts continue to be interupted and glitched which results in a reset to the live stream. In reality, viewers are not seeing the fights in real time which is on at least a 20-25 second delay.

Female fights
The unwanted female fights on a given card are perpetually imposed and I'm wondering whether these girls are making pilgrimages to the local freeways before a contest to showcase their beauty by kissing Mac Trucks.

Hooker vs Saucedo
The other major contest over the weekend was a WBO 140 lb fight between Maurice Hooker, 25-0-3 (17) vs Alex Saucedo, 28-1 (18). Saucedo was a game challenger and actually dropped the champ in the second round. The aggressive Saucedo, who was able to get passed the phenomenal 80 inch reach, was up 6-2 after eight in my opinion.

Although this was "Mighty Moe's" first title defense and he was fighting in enemy territory, he was able to implement his long jabs, right leads and left hooks to hold off the challenger. But it wasn't until the 6th round that Hooker was able to effectively establish his offense and eventually score the TKO in the 7th Round.

Shout Out
My hat is off to Brandon Rios, Kerman Lejarraga, Tom Schwarz and Robin Krasniqi for big wins. Also, Luiz Arias and Gabriel Rosado get an honorable mention for a great contest and a hard fought draw over the weekend.

Where's Ruiz?
Where in blue blazes is Andy Ruiz? Why is he not getting any big fights? Does a fighter have to fit a certain profile to get credibility in today's game?

Straweight title fight
Knockout Freshmart 18-0 (7) defends his WBA Straweight title next week against the always-tough Byron Rojas 25-3 3 (11).

Olympic Boxing Spoils
In the last few Olympics, the US has has produced few medals in boxing the last 20 years. But due to past day glory, it is still ahead of the pack in the tally dating from the first Games. .

  • US; 50 Gold, 114 overall
  • Cuba; 37, 73
  • UK; 18, 56
  • Italy 15, 47
  • Soviet Union (Pre 1980); 14, 51
  • Russia (Post 1980); 10,30

Boxing Gloves: Did You Know?
How many fans truly know about the importance of boxing gloves used during matches and training? What are the usual requirements and brands and styles out on the market?

The usual agreed upon requirements of gloves in a professional match from Welterweight up is 10 oz gloves with matches below that 8oz protocol is implemented. However, if it's in the contract, a fighters in the higher weight classes can use 8oz gloves and fighters in the lower weight classes can don the 10oz variety.

In fact, 8oz gloves were used in The Thriller in Manilla in 1974 in the epic heavyweight title fight between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier.

The heavier the glove results in more hand protection and one must keep in mind bigger mitts weigh your hands down more in dropping your gloves.The gloves have more padding on the wrists and thumbs to avoid hand injury at higher weights.

The lighter gloves result in more hand speed and a greater impact for power.

In amateur bouts, there is more consideration for safety and gloves used are from 12 oz to 14 oz are used. Individual brands and styles are usually left up to the individual fighters' discretion.

Some of the popular brands are as follows.

Winning.....Often called "Pillows". They are manufactured by a Japanese outfit and are reputed as the gloves with the greatest hand protection. They are also utilized for defensive purposes with a respective fighter; Saul Alvarez is a consumer and advocate.

Everlast......They have been in business since the building of the pyramids. They are a good durable glove. They provide a good balance of protection and punching power. Andre Ward is a proponent of these gloves.

Grant Gloves....They provide more padding around the wrist area and are more of an impact glove.

Cleto Reyes Gloves.....From Mexico, they are hand stitched and unlike the former mentioned here are made with a good deal of horse hair. They have less padding on the knuckles and more on the back of the hands. These gloves can produce cuts more than the others.

When training, sparring or hitting the heavy bag, fighters can use up to 20 oz gloves to protect their hands when not fighting for a prize.






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