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Manny Pacquiao and Roach to reunite: Not the best idea?

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Apparently, Manny Pacquiao is looking to have longtime mentor and father-figure Freddie Roach back in his corner for his upcoming showdown with Adrien Broner.

Pacquiao, of course, relieved Roach of his duties after the former lost to Jeff Horn last year. And last summer, in his first bout in many years without Roach, PacMan looked incredible in KOing Lucas Matthysse.

So, why is he entertaining the idea of bringing Roach back? Manny is coming off one of his most impressive performances in years.

And let's not forget why Pacquiao presumably sidelined Roach...

Freddie divulged too many details about Manny’s progress (or lack thereof) in training in the weeks prior to the Horn fight, lost control of the corner during the bout and publicly insisted Manny was done following the controversial loss.

Furthermore - and looking back - did Roach have the correct strategy for Manny against Horn and is he partially to blame for Pacquiao looking so sluggish?

Let's face it... Manny Pacquiao, without Roach's assistance in preparation, looked brilliant against Matthysse, a dangerous KO artist. The 39-year-old fight legend looked to have turned back the clock.

But now, Manny is going to abandon the regimen that got him his first knockout in years and go back to the old way?

Freddie Roach is a legendary, Hall of Fame trainer for a reason, and there's no disputing that. Nevertheless, Pacquiao-Roach may no longer be the best fit anymore for either guy.

It happens in boxing and in other forms of relationships.

Manny and Freddie will always have that father-son chemistry and a mutual fodness for each other. That's not going away. But at this point, perhaps Manny and Freddie and better "friends" than business partners.

And perhaps with a different approach and new ideas, we'll see Manny look 29 again?

Given his latest performance, why is Pacquiao considering Roach's return? Is there something about Broner than concerns him?

Perhaps he misses Freddie from a comfort standpoint? If so, will the coziness of having Roach back help Manny train or fight better?

Will it backfire?

... Sometimes we must force ourselves to step outside of our comfort zone in order to reach a higher level and achieve a means to an end.






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