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Lucas Browne: Will huge weight loss have impact?

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Looking lean and mean, heavyweight contender Lucas Browne faces Junior Pati November 24.

The fight will serve as Browne's second in 8 weeks. Moreover, it'll reveal a new Lucas Browne.

Tipping the scale at 243 lbs, Browne will be 21 pounds lighter than he was against Dillian Whyte back in March.

Browne, of course, was dominated by Whyte before being brutally KO'd in 6.

“I’ve had a tremendous training camp for this fight. We went to Thailand and I got absolutely punished. I’m not underestimating Junior Pati one bit,” said Browne via

“I’m really happy with my weight and after the Dillian Whyte fight I knew I had to make some serious changes. I came in lighter for my last fight and lighter again today.”

His current weight (241) is the lightest we've seen Lucas as a pro.

Pati is 12-22-1 but has won 4 of his last 5.

After stopping Julius Long  in September, Browne called out contenders Dave Allen and Adam Kownacki.






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