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Bernie's Rant | Week in Boxing, Nov 25

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Bivol vs Pascal

The setting was the Hard Rock Casino in Atlantic City, NJ.

John Pascal 33-6-1 took WBA Light Heavyweight Champion, Dmitry Bivol, to the distance in losing. Bivol set the pace with his jab, combinations and movement.

His jab was particularly useful in scoring and for defense, thwarting Pascal's power punching arsenal that one always must be aware of when tangling with the ex-champion.

Pascal has morphed into a bigger and more muscular specimen throughout the years. His patience and balance with improved boxing ability was evident. But it appeared that he has been working out in the weight room a little too much which may have resulted in his limited range of motion.

Bivol kept a steady rhythm throughout the fight. The more I see of him the more I conclude that he lacks the confidence and ability to take someone out at any given moment. Pascal was ripe for the pickins numerous times during the bout and Bivol lacked the punching power to hurt him.

Bivol also shows a reluctance to press, and I believe he shows a fear of getting hit. Pascal was given this opportunity for a title shot but I wonder why? He hasn't fought difficult competition since June of 2017 with a MD loss to Eleider Alvarez and his last fight was against Steve Bosse, an MMA fighter who also was a hockey goon in a minor league up in Canada. Pascal kayoed him in the 8th round!

Bivol seems very one-dimensional. When faced with adversity, does he have a plan B? Would he fold?

Outside of a minor flurry by Pascal in the 8th round, it was all Bivol. Scores were 119-109 twice and 117-111.

Blow the Smokestack
Blow the smokestack for wins by Denis Lebedev, Lucas Browne and a spectacular TKO by Michael Hunter of 6'7" 300lb contender Alexander Ustinov over the weekend.

Where's Teddy?
Why in Sam Hill isn't Teddy Atlas a larger part of the boxing scene right now? I'll tell you why... He doesn’t fit the corporate packaged direction of political correctness a boxing announcer or journalist cosigns with nowadays. The manufactured agenda that investors want to implement to give the sport a "new direction" leaves guys like Teddy out.

Like me, Teddy Atlas is a 3rd generation product of immigrant stock whose grandfathers were land owners in the borough of Staten Island, New York City. They worked like beasts to hold onto what they gained and raise their large families during the Depression to what they thought a share of The American Dream.

Native Staten Islanders are a different animal in contrast to the rest of the boroughs and Long Island. We shoot from the hip and speak our minds in the humblest of ways. We call a spade a spade and somehow it doesn't come out the right way if we try to be pretentious or phony. We have our own sense of humor, ethics and justice.

Give me a cigar-smoked filled arena with bookies taking action in the stands, Sinatra music playing in the background and a knowledgeable boxing fan sitting next to you to discuss the match.

Idiots that are running the show have no clue on what has made the sport profitable and popular for the past 100 years.

Teddy is a lot like his father who was my doctor as a child. The dude made unprofitable house calls to infirmed patients that couldn't travel. He didn't hold back on the facts and the odds, he wasn't afraid to get his hands dirty. There was no BS about Dr. Atlas. The movers and the shakers miss this point big time.

Salmon Swim
The sport doesn't record their gains in the black anymore, arenas don’t fill, cable television contracts have been cancelled and the quality of the participants leave a lot to be desired.

Most of the revenue is generated through advertising with an axe to grind and little concern to what really goes on inside the squared circle. Most of the game now is about hype and window dressing.

Lewis Bonamo, attorney and organizer of the boxing fan advocacy group "Salmon Swim," has called a boycott on the 3 remaining major fight cards in NYC for December if a female fight is showcased.

The group started calling boycotts since January and have been effective since, including the Wilder-Ortiz fight and subsequent promotions. Not one sellout has manifested in that time period either at The Barclays Center, Madison Square Garden or The Nassau Veteran's Memorial Coliseum.

New York will be hosting Lomachenko, Canelo and The Charlos. The warning has been put out and the marketing stats of the sport will be devastating if successfully targeted out.

Female Heavyweight Champion
Has anybody the female heavyweight champion? Please Youtube Alejandra "Tigre" Jiminez highlights. She is an unskilled, overweight symbol reflective of the quality and circus of competition in the female ranks. 

I particularly recommend her epic showdown with 46 year old Martha Salazar in the battle for Heavyweight prominence. There are no champions in the Cruisewrweight and Light Heavyweight division.

In my opinion, female boxing is geared to the unknowledgeable audience and/or Middle-aged men with sexual problems.

Wanheng Menayothin upped his record last week to 52-0 which went under the radar. In fact, his opponent from Indonesia, Mektision Marganti had a record of 2-9-1. It appears to me that this Frisco took a last-minute fight to keep pace ahead of Floyd Mayweather 50-0 in an intended scrap that was eventually cancelled in Tokyo against kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa.

Renounced boxing historian and writer Frank Lotierzo of The Sweet Science will be a guest on "At the Fights"; The Randy Gordon- Gerry Cooney Boxing Show on SiriusXM radio 93, M &F, 6-8pm EST in the next two weeks. Lotierzo brings a historical and realistic mindset to his journalism. He is definitely one of the up and comers, if not already there.

Boxing Ring Facts
A little bit about ring size in the pro ranks. Ultimately, aside from mandated state regulations, rings range from 16 ft to 24ft. wide and in length. The size is often determined by negotiation (usually the A side fighter).

The 16 ft ring favors punchers while the 24ft ring favors boxers who utilize the extra space to move around the ring.

On a boxing card promotion, all fights adhere to the agreed dimension of the headline participants, the venue policy itself, or the licensing commission.

A standard ring contains 3 sets of stairs attached the canvas is usually 3-4 ft off of the ground. They are four 5ft posts holding up the ropes with associated padded turnbuckles.

The ropes are one inch in diameter with intervals of 18-30-42-and 54 inches in height. The outside of the ring leaves a 2ft perimeter. The tension in the ropes are greater in the top two with the lesser in the bottom two.

The canvas is made with felt rubber blue in color 1.5 >2.0 cm supported by plywood or chip wood braced by metal tables.

Contracts don't usually compromise the specifications dramatically.






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