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Wilder vs Fury results

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In one of the most significant heavyweight fights in the last 20 years, undefeated WBC Heavyweight Champion Deontay Wilder (40-0, 39 KO) faced unbeaten former champion Tyson Fury (27-0, 19 KO) tonight at Staples Center in Los Angeles.

After 12 rounds, we had a draw.

Scores were  115-111 Wilder, 114-110 Fury and 113-113.

Wilder got 2 knockdowns and he needed them. I had Fury winning despite the drops.

The 115-111 Wilder score is ludicrous while 113-113 is debatable but not out of the question.

Round-by-round action

Tyson Fury walks out first, wearing a serious look before breaking out into a dance of sorts amidst the music in the backdrop. He looks happy and comfortable as he steps into the ring while prompting cheers by the many Brits in the audience. 

Wilder, conversely, walks out with rapper Jay Rock who yells obsenities during what appears to be a mini rap show with loud pomp and pageantry.

Surprisingly, Wilder is met with boos and cheers when announced.

Round 1
There wasn't much of a feeling out process as Wilder tried to land his big right hand which landed wide and was avoided well by the ellusive Fury.

Fury lands several jabs flush, showboating in the process. Wilder not finding the target.

Fury 10-9

Round 2
Wilder more patient. Fury feinting well. Deontay still off target with the big right. Wilder lands a combo at the end but Fury was rolling with it.


Round 3

Fury feinting, moving; Wilder misses 2 big lefts. Nice left hook to the body by Wilder. Fury jabbing.Fury lands a right threw the guard. Fury with a fast combo. Wilder missing.

Fury 10-9

Round 4
Fury out of reach; Left hook by Fury catches Wilder who slips off balance. Wilder missing Fury comes back. Pretty good action. Left jab by Wilder causes Fury nosebleed

Fury 10-9

Round 5
Wilder a bit bewildered a la Klitschko vs Fury. Pace slowing . Wilder missing with that big right. Combinations by Fury when Wilder misses.
Fury 10-9

Unofficial Scoring update: Floyd Mayweather has it 5-0 Fury just as Al Bernstein on Showtime..

Round 6
Fury walking down Wilder unleashing combos. Fury smiles. Wilder isn't hurt but looks confused. Wilder looking for a big shot, losing rounds in the process. Good jab from Wilder.


Round 7
Fury not doing a lot but is controlling the tempo. Massive rights by Fury land, Wilder unleashes but misses. Fury loading up now. Stiff jab by Wilder.

Fury 10-9
Showtime has it 69-64 Fury

Round 8
Wilder cant land the 1-2. Wilder misses. Wilder jabbing more. Fury outboxing. Not a lot of hard shots landing but Fury winning. Wilder connects on a right at the end of the round.

Fury 10-9

Round 9
Wilder pursuing, Fury jabbing. Fury down from left hook! Hes up; Wilder is wild. Missing. Fury fighting back. Will Wilder punch himself out. Fury looked more dizzy than hurt.

10-8 Wilder

Round 10
Big right by Fury; Fury aggressive. Good round for Fury. Dictating tempo. A 1-2 for Fury that gets in. Nice exhange of punches at the end. Big round for Fury establishing himself.

1 of 31 landed for Wilder
10 of 39 for Fury

Round 11
Wilder flicking the jab; has no answer, cant adjust. Fury aggressive. Not doing a lot, but more than Wilder.

Fury 10-9

Round 12
Wilder's corner asked for a big finish. No urgency in Wilder's corner.

Its over!!!! Fury is flattened! No, Fury is back up. 90 seconds to go Wilder looking for KO.Fury stuns Wilder. Wilder holds on. Wilder tired, gets tagged. What a round!
I have no idea how Fury got up.

Wilder 10-8

Wilder vs Fury purses
Per ESPN, Wilder and Fury were guaranteed $4 Million and $3 Million, respectively. Of course, both fighters' total purse will be greater after the PPV revenue is split. In the end, look for both guys to earn between $8 and $14 Million with Wilder earning about $2 Million or so more than Fury.

Regardless of the PPV revenue, Wilder earned, by far, the largest purse of his career






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