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Canelo and Rocky - Stay Awhile

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The champion came to the ring first. The champion was announced first. Not many of us had an inkling of confusion on Saturday evening. DAZN’s coming-out party was all about Canelo Alvarez and his imminent destruction of the least risky and dare we say, least talented super middleweight champion available. The goal was to capture a world title at a third weight class, yet unlike his titles at 154 and 160 pounds, respectively, the best of the best weren’t called into consideration.

We were pretty sure that Canelo (51-1-2, 35 KO’s) would pummel Rocky Fielding (27-2, 15 KO’s) in one way or another, grab his super middleweight belt and then go home. “The objective is to fight for this world title and then go back down to 160 pounds. It's very important to win this world title”, he told the media on an international conference call last month. So, no bout with Callum Smith is to be expected at this time. Are we to say, “one and done”?

Canelo’s overall grasp of English is fascinating, although he’d become a true crossover star if he chose to answer questions in kind. Still, it’s his choice and at the same time, it’s a bit calm and cool to not consistently need an interpreter, yet still answer in his native language. As for DAZN’s true maiden voyage, what is the verdict? We saw several familiar faces such as Brian Kenny, Michael Buffer and Sugar Ray Leonard.

The streaming service appears to stick to the common formula of a male and female in-ring commentary team, which for the most part appeared to go off without a hitch. Some worried that the telecast itself would go fine until the main event, at which time the all too familiar nuisance of a signal freezing, tiling up or crashing would rear its oily hide. Hopefully, none of us experienced any issues.

Can we not tempt Canelo to stay at 168? Of course, there appear to be plenty of challenges back down at the middleweight station. There’s a third fight with Gennady Golovkin or a showdown with such names as Danny Jacobs or Jermall Charlo.

Some feel that after his display of vicious body shots on Fielding inside the ring at Madison Square Garden on Saturday night, the Guadalajara native can inflict a similar night on just about anyone at 160 pounds.

canelo daznIf this is the case, then baby, it’s cold outside. Some with clearly too much time on their hands and too quick an internet connection have recently found the song of the same name from the 1950’s to be offensive. Please. Let’s not jump off topic, but for Canelo, it’s literally cold outside. After all, he was in Manhattan. At the same time, it’s cold outside at 160 pounds. Stay awhile at 168 and feel the heat as you get closer and closer to the fire. Is that too much to ask?

At the same time, how long will DAZN stand by it’s “cancel anytime” philosophy? It’s a given that many people took advantage of their promise of one free month before the monthly charge of $9.99 would begin. Thousands, if not millions of American fight fans likely signed up on Saturday with plans to cancel on Sunday. Should DAZN allow those who keep their subscription to essentially remain “grandfathered” in and keep their monthly cost at $10, while those who’ve changed their minds and can’t pass up a free bout which would otherwise cost $75 on pay TV?

By the time May 4 arrives, which is when Alvarez is set to fight once more, then we’ll have shelled out just over $50. Canelo is due just over $33 million per contest, thanks to the eleven bout, $365 million deal he signed with DAZN. Saturday night was bout one. There’s earning money and there’s also investing it. Which can be said for Canelo?






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