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Canelo Alvarez: Win impressive no matter how you slice it

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Last night, middleweight champion Canelo Alvarez took apart a top 10 super middleweight and made it look easy.

Dominant from start to finish, Canelo scored four knockouts (three of them from body shots) en route to a 3rd Round TKO win.

Of course, the naysayers will insist it was supposed to be a showcase anyway - And it was certainly that. But Rocky Fielding, at 27-1, 15 KO, was no Tijuana taxi driver.

In fact, Rocky was fresh off a July win over Tyron Zeuge (then 22-0-1).

I didn't expect Fielding to win but also didn't expect Alvarez to be as utterly dominant as he was.

Earlier this fall, veteran trial horse Bryan Vera, who suffered a 2nd round stoppage loss to Fielding in 2015, told FightSaga:

"Fielding is no joke. He is well conditioned, and he hits hard. I was surprised Canelo took the fight."

Canelo deserves more credit than he's getting. Yes, he was supposed to win. And yes, we knew he was technically superior and more explosive than Rocky. However, Fielding was a much taller, rangier opponent who had established himself as, at the very least, a top 10 super middleweight.

If you're Team Canelo, this fight couldn't have been any better.

Given that performance against a solid, although not spectacular, tall super middleweight, I'm excited about the prospects for Canelo vs Charlo/Jacobs/Saunders.

Prior to last night, I doubted Alvarez could match up well with a tall (5'11 and above) middleweight with elite skills. Now, especially given Canelo's impressive body work display and ability to cut-off the ring, I'm not so sure he'd get out boxed by Charlo/Jacobs/Saunders.

“He does everything well," Fielding said after the fight.

"His timing is good, his shot selection is good. Speed, power, he’s got everything. He’s the best I’ve been in there with.”

Canelo was impressive no matter how you slice it.






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