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Canelo vs Fielding: Exposed! Alvarez reveals why Rocky was hand-picked

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Last night, middleweight champion Canelo Alvarez took apart top 10 super middleweight Rocky Fielding and made it look easy.

Dominant from start to finish, Canelo scored four knockdowns (three of them from body shots) en route to an impressive 3rd Round TKO win.

With the victory, Canelo earned the WBA 'Regular' Super Middleweight title and, more importantly, looked dynamite in his first bout with the relatively new network DAZN.

Although few, if any, experts gave Fielding a chance to win, some believed his considerable height and reach advantage would give Canelo problems in the early stages of the fight.

... But, there was a method to Team Alvarez's madness.

After all, following back-to-back fights with Gennady Golovkin, the most feared fighter in boxing, it would have been silly to expect Team Canelo to face another threatening opponent a mere 3 months after its man defeated GGG.

Obviously, Team Alvarez wouldn't have picked Rocky if they didn't see flaws they believed Canelo could expose.

Yes, Fielding boasted a 4 or 5 inch height advantage over Canelo and a considerable reach advantage but didn't have the offensive tools to outpoint, outbrawl or KO the Mexican.

... But, there was something else.

When studying tapes of Rocky Fielding, Team Alvarez noticed he didn't defend against nor absorb body shots well, and believed that would be a major Achilles Heal against the quick and explosive, sharp-shooting Canelo.

"That's what we planned," Alvarez told reporters, of attacking his opponent's body. "We knew he had that weakness. Each one that landed felt like I hurt him."

Although Fielding towered over Alvarez, he was no match for the Mexican star who unleashed a clinic in body punching.

It's rare to see a fighter get floored three times in one fight by body shots but that's exactly what happened last night.

Fielding is a solid fighter who had a flaw Canelo could easily expose. Canelo deserves the accolades because he was very effective in exposing a flaw in a top 10 super middleweight.

Going forward, it'll be interesting to see who Team Alvarez chooses next.






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