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  • Looking for one specific Mike Tyson photo

    I once saw a photo of Tyson walking in to the ring where the text under him read “Age: 19 Wins: 19 KOs: 19.” I assume this would be from his 20th fight against James Tillis, but I can’t find it watching the full fight on YouTube. If anyone could help me out here it’d be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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  • Could have Mike Tyson stayed undefeated?

    Mike Tyson had never been knocked down until Buster Douglas (James Douglas), during that time he was going through divorces, losing a ton of money, his wife has just called him out on live television for abusing her. He was probably on drugs and his mindset was most definitely not where it should have been. Sure he might have still lost to Holyfield but I really felt he saw himself as an undefeated monster that couldn't lose until he lost so he really lost his spark which led to the losses with Holyfield. I really believe he could have been 45 - 0 and finished his career undefeated if this shit never occurred. Opinions?

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    I’ve beeen wondering which era was the greatest in the HW division 1970 or 1990. Both had their fair share of greats such as Tyson, foreman, etc

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