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Successful street fighter steps into the ring... and pays a price (Video)

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Successful street fighter wanted to be a boxer.

Kenny Rainford TKO 1 Brian Sutherland

March 9, 1993

Casino Magic, Bay Saint Louis, Mississippi, USA

Division: Light Heavyweights

Broadcast: USA Tuesday Night Fights

Kenny Rainford (2-1) vs Brian Sutherland (0-1)

  • This might be the worst display of "boxing" in a professional prizefight ever thanks to the guy in the blue trunks.

  • Brian Sutherland (blue trunks), who claimed to have never lost a street fight, didn't know the first thing about boxing. How did he get past security?
  • Sutherland started boxing because he was apparently a good street fighter and figured he might as well get paid for his ...ummm... "craft."

  • But Sutherland had no business in the ring. He couldn't even throw a punch. And how about that footwork?

  • His defense? Well, there was nothing remotely resembling defense. No skills!

  • Boxing is an art. It's world's apart from street fighting.

  • Unbelievably, perhaps due to scheduling glitches, this bout was actually aired in the States on the popular cable network USA on Tuesday Night Fights.

  • Yes, Brian Sutherland was on national television!

  • The laughing commentators... Classic!