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Saturday, 04 June 2016 17:55

95 year old man 'opens a can of whoop a** ' on Wii Boxing (Video)

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If you think video games are just for kids, think again.

And no, I'm not not referring to 30-somethings.

There's a new generation of gamers - Seniors.

Apparently, research shows that video games on the Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360 are effective in strengthening the overall physical and mental health of seniors.

As a matter of fact, many retirement communities as well as independent and assisted living facilities have entire rooms dedicated to the Nintendo Wii and its assortment of games.

Activities such as Wii Boxing not only enhance seniors' fitness, but improve cognition because they force users to think strategically and exercise the mind. Moreover, they are fun and encourage socializing.

In the video, a 95 year old man opens a can of whoop a** on his opponent, even scoring a knockdown.

So much for bingo nights, huh?

Do you know any seniors who would enjoy Wii Boxing?