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Friday, 29 November 2013 22:00

Twenty year old street fighter walks in gym, challenges 15 year old amateur (VIDEO)

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Here we go again....What I like about this is the manager makes an example out of this fella for his young pupils.
It was a learning experience, not only for the 'tough guy' visitor but for all of the children watching.

So anyway... What was this guy thinking?

Apparently, a 20 year old street-fighting sensation walked into a boxing gym wanting to spar a boxer.

And the manager in charge, with many students present, was more than happy to accommodate him.

Before the fighting begins, the manager utters to his boxing students, "You guys pay attention. Someone is going to challenge you some day."

And yes, it's bad but not as ugly as it was about to get.

It could have been a lot worse if not for the classy coach in charge.

This one-sided session was wisely stopped (or the fella quit) when an apparent KO was near.

Frail in comparison to his 20 year old street-fighting foe, the 15 year old hardly gets touched and orchestrates a fast beat down of his opponent.

Afterwards, the manager has some tough talk for the humbled visitor:

"Listen up. You might run the street but you don't walk into a gym and challenge somebody."

He added, "Don't ever disrespect this gym again. Take your gloves off and get the h*ll out of here."

Boxing is an art. It's a science.... the Sweet Science!