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Top 5 jabs in heavyweight history (Video)

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Since the early days of boxing, trainers and experts alike have always stressed the importance of the jab.

Although it's the least powerful punch, if used effectively it can be a fighter's biggest weapon; Even for two-fisted bombers like George Foreman.

Effective use of the jab is particualary key for heavyweights, who usually move less and throw fewer punches than fighters in other weight classes.

An effective jab, aside from scoring points, can:

Position a fighter to unleash powershots
Daze opponents
Create space, enabling a fighter to keep his foe at bay
Blind an opponent from an ensuing powershot
Cause swelling and draw blood
Make cuts and swelling worse
Serve as a measurer (or range-finder) for powershots
Keep an offensive-minded oppenent on the defensive
Make it difficult for an opponent to get set

See the video below.

Are these the top 5 jabs in heavyweight history?

Do you agree? I'd replace Lennox with Sonny Liston.